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                Welcome to the Adverse Event Reporting Website

                If you (or you know that other patient) has experienced or is experiencing adverse events after using Junshi products, please seek advice from health care experts in a timely manner, and please complete the adverse event reporting form as follows:

                Adverse Event Reporting
                First step: Reporter Information
                *Required Field
                *A Telephone or E-mail is required
                In order to obtain professional medical records, do you agree that Junshi contacts your doctor for further information? If you agree, please add the doctor's contact information (including doctor's name, hospital, department, telephone number and email address).
                Patient Information
                *Required Field
                Adverse Event
                *Required Field
                Adverse Event Adverse EventStart Date Adverse EventStop Date Outcome of Adverse Event  
                Product Information
                *Required Field
                Product Information
                产品名称 适应症 使用剂量 使用频率 批号 用药起始日期 停药日期 产品类型  
                Additional Information
                *Required Field
                Please describe the AE process including occurrence, development, symptoms, vital signs, clinical treatment, relevant laboratory tests, image examination results, etc.